Choo choo

12:00am. Can’t sleep.

I’m feeling exhausted, yet when I lay down it’s hard to turn my brain off. It’s a strange feeling when you have been so wound up for a long time that you don’t know what to do with yourself when now suddenly you are free…

This is also the first time I have been on a sleeping train car in… about 10 years? It almost instantly brings back the memories. I remembered how weird it is to sleep on a train. The train moves on uneven tracks which feels like it’s shifting from side to side. And when you lay down it’s like you are floating in all directions, pushed left and right by weird forces. The bed is comfy though, firm but not painful. I actually prefer

firm beds. They are good for your spine.


The morning is okay. I only had some light sleep and the morning light woke me up early. Everyone is busy doing their morning routines. I don’t care how I look, not that there is really anything I can do. I desperately need a hair cut and I look really tired. And with my beard growing out like that, people basically think I’m either a homeless person or an artist.

I tried striking up a conversation with the couple that share the same room with me. They are visiting Guangzhou for vacation. It was a pleasant conversation about getting to know each other and sharing some travel tips. Research says that people always underestimate how pleasant they will feel after talking to strangers. It was absolutely true in this case.

After that first train pulls into the station at 10am, I navigated through the crowds and made my way on to the second, commuter train. This photo was taken near the end of the ride, when a lot of folks have gotten off at earlier stations.

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